Imran Khan To Face A Big Challenge By KPK Police: Orya Maqbool Jan

Orya Maqbool Jan says that Imran Khan might face a very big challenge by the KPK police on brining the police under local bodies’ setup in the province.

Speaking on live talk show Orya said that the good governance of KPK police of last three years is better than ever. On the other hand Balochistan police is still better than the police of Punjab and Sindh. He said that in Punjab and Sindh the police are under the MNAs and MPAs.

He said that the police should be under the local bodies’ setup as the police along with the local elected councillors will be answerable directly to the public. London, New York and many other parts of the world are using this setup.

Orya said that if this step of Imran Khan is successful then it is going to be a long lasting act of governance.

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