Jaffer Business Systems invests PKR 300 million in ENA

Jaffer business system team

Jaffer Business Systems (JBS) has acquired significant share of ENA (Energy N Automation), a Green Tech, Power and IoT startup by investing 300 million rupees. 

The investment agreement was signed between JBS and ENA in an online ceremony, while adhering to Government’s COVID-19 SOPs. JBS is amongst the leaders in the Information Technology industry in Pakistan. Over the years, JBS has been successfully providing innovative, unique, and cost-effective solutions to businesses.

After acquiring significant share of Blutech 4 years ago, ENA is the second startup to become part of JBS.

On this occasion, Syed Veqar Ul Islam, CEO, Jaffer Business Systems (Pvt) Limited, said “Against common belief, it is observed that only 16% startups fail due to lack of access to finance. Our model of investment, while promoting entrepreneurship, provides for the structure and platform, which is essential to the success of a new setup. Our role is to work with startups in a manner that we mitigate the risks of failure and provide them with the structure, governance, and support, which helps them to scale, innovate and be successful.”

ENA is a startup, founded in 2016, that provides Internet-of-Things (IoT) and power solutions to businesses focusing on the financial sector. ENA’s mission is to connect the world through IoT and contribute to a greener world by reducing carbon footprint and fuel consumption, thus redefining power, and connectivity. Our vision for 2024 is to connect to 25,000 IoT devices leading to energy savings up to 32,500MW, also install 10,000 supercapacitor modules and reduce 105 million liters of fuel consumption, reduction of 300,000 tons CO2 emissions: work of 14 million trees.

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