JazzCash wins “Best Mobile Product” Award at Glomo Awards 2017

JazzCash wins “Best Mobile Product” Award at Glomo Awards 2017

Over the years, Jazz has always made things easier and a lot more convenient for its customers. Such is a venture called JazzCash that allows its customers to avail a variety of financial services hassle-free and anywhere in Pakistan through a few clicks on their phone. This has been useful, especially for women who have finally gotten the opportunity to manage their own finances, thanks to JazzCash Mobile Account.

In an attempt to recognise this effort, Glomo Awards, which are incredibly prestigious awards in the world of Telecommunications, awarded JazzCash the recognition in the category of “Best Mobile Product, Service or Application for Women in Emerging Markets”. All operators around the globe compete for these awards and JazzCash stood out by winning this award!

To receive the award, the CEO and President of Jazz, Mr Aamir Ibrahim was present along with Aniqa Afzal Sandhu, Chief Digital & Financial Services Officer. Both of them were very ecstatic as well as enthusiastic about working further on the kind of digital innovations they can bring to influence the lives of their customers in a positive way.

Held in Barcelona, the World Mobile Congress 2017, acknowledged not only JazzCash but also Pakistan in a way. Ironically, a venture targeting and positively affecting the masses of Pakistan ended up being the talk of the town in at the biggest telecommunications conference in the world, the Mobile World Congress.

JazzCash, essentially is a service developed for the masses of Pakistan that have very little knowledge regarding how the banking system works and hardly have access to them even if they have the knowledge to access them. This service allows customers to manage their money by having a digital wallet linked to their mobile number and can be operated even with the most basic handsets through a simplified interface.


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