JOVAGO Unveils Redesigned Website and Logo

Karachi: Pakistan’s N°1 hotel-booking website, Jovago has unveiled its new website after consultation and feedback from customer base. This updated look of the website is channeled towards the Jovago customer – making their user experience as simple and uncomplicated as possible.

The upgraded website features a neater and more engaging design, a more coherent interface which renders the process of search and navigation more hassle-free. Consider the new look a virtual facelift, Paul Midy – CEO of Jovago says: “This is a step in making our website and logo more professional, reliable and simple in line with our brand values. We are transforming from a nice childish start-up to an approachable and reliable company worthy of the trust our customers invest in us.”


New Jovago Logo on left,
old Jovago Logo on right side.

Big pictures on the homepage which immerse the customer into Jovago’s universe depicting permanent access to 1500 properties in Pakistan and 200,000 around the world, portrays a complete visual revolution.

The design layout has been modernized, a pure and refined style which gives the best experience for booking hotels providing the right content, news and visuals, hence greatly improving readability. This user-friendly website is more adapted to the Jovago customer and has even greater accessibility.

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