K-Electric, FIA, Police & Rangers raid different spots in Defence, Clifton, Liaquatabad amongst other areas

Karachi:  Operation Burq, KE’s campaign against defaulters and thieves has picked up pace as today, as per KE’s official statement 72 raids were conducted in different pockets of the city by KE officials along with the FIA, Police and Rangers. Spokesperson KE said, “Today we even had some influential people under our radar and successful raids were conducted, which goes to show no one is safe if he or she is involved in electricity theft”.

KE detailed that the KE team  uncovered over 3000 kg of hook connections in various areas of Karachi which is a huge number  while taking stringent disciplinary action against the offenders. Almost 7,500 kundas were removed from areas such as Defence, Clifton, Liaquatabad, Gulshan, Johar, Bin Qasim, Gadap, Malir, Korangi and Sindi Muslim, whereas some defaulters and thieves belonging to some  commercial markets were also taken in custody. In areas of Baldia, Uthal, Johar, Bin Qasim, Gadap, Malir, Lyari, Korangi and Sindi Muslim, some defaulters and thieves belonging to some commercial markets, residential areas and multi-story buildings were also taken in custody and investigation had commenced.

Some of the multistory buildings in the vicinity of Gulistan-e-Johar were also raided, namely, Shazma Heights, Lakhani Heights, Hyder Heights whereas KE and FIA raided a beauty parlor in the same area where discrepancy was found and investigation against the culprits had started.

Spokesperson KE added, “It is definitely not easy for us because we have been investing heavily in this campaign and raiding influential people was never easy. However, we have the full support of the FIA, Police and Rangers and areas where KE could not go before, such areas are approachable. We need full support from the general public as well because without them this drive against electricity thieves and defaulters cannot be successful. We even welcome the fact that people have been emailing us, approaching us in every which way and pinpointing areas and houses where theft is being conducted”.

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