K-Electric Operation Burq continues with positive results

Karachi:  Operation Burq, KE’s campaign against defaulters and thieves continued with some positive results as some residential and commercial thieves were targeted. KE’s team with the help of FIA, Sind Police and Pakistan Rangers raided almost 80 different spots today which included North Karachi, Nazimabad, Defence, Gulshan, Surjani, Korangi, Clifton, Bahadurabad, Lyari, Baldia, Gadap, ShahFaisal, Malir and Johar.

KE’s details stated that almost 1100 KG of illegal wires has been confiscated and taken away and these were more than 6,700 illegal connections that were pulled down from different areas.

As per details released by K-Electric, 5 FIRs have been lodged whereas numerous arrests have been made in different areas of the city after which investigation had commenced. From the areas of Gadap, Korangi, Malir and Shah Faisal, 10 illegally put PMTs have been taken down and people were taken in custody. On the other hand in Gulshan the FIA and KE raided a residential building which was running entirely on an illegal connection. The owner of the said building of Rajput Colony Gulshan, tried to escape but was apprehended by the FIA and an FIR was lodged.

In Quaid-e-Azam Colony of Gulshan, 8 shops were caught stealing electricity which included a general store. In the same vicinity a Welfare Trust along with an abandoned hotel was also raided and sealed by the FIA and the discrepancies were removed. In Rajput Colony a storage place was also raided which was being run by an international Ice Cream brand. The FIA sealed the equipment and the storage facility.

A residential house belonging to a highly influential family in Defence was also  raided by the FIA and Police where discrepancy was found and the meter was taken to the lab for testing. As expected, theft and direct use of electricity was caught and a penalty was paid instantly by this family.


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