K-Electric & WWF enter MoU for Earth Hour City Challenge

Karachi: K-Electric via its press statement informed that the company has entered into a MoU with the World Wide Fund for Nature and the power company with WWF would work towards a climate friendly and ‘Greener Karachi’. Directly impacting 25 million citizens of Karachi, K-Electric holds the environmental charter implemented through the Climate Change Policy.  Since more than 5 years sustainable growth and energy has been imbedded into K-Electric’s operations and with this partnership with the WWF, Karachi would compete in this Earth Hour City challenge which has representations from around the world. KE would also include plantation of 20,000 trees for Karachi in partnership with WWF.

The Earth Hour City Challenge has been created to mobilize action and support from around the world. This year 163 cities in the following seventeen countries are participating in the Earth Hour City Challenge; Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Finland, France, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Republic of Korea, South Africa, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Tanzania, Thailand and USA.

KE has adopted a balanced and responsible approach, while carrying out its core business operations that reduces carbon emissions and ensures social and environmental gains. The company aims to expand its current generation portfolio by 15 percent through renewable energy and various energy efficiency initiatives over the next five years to mitigate climate change and reduce our carbon footprint.

K-Electric’s CEO Tayyab Tareen was ecstatic on this occasion and said, “This marks achievement because we want to put Karachi on the map as far as Green Cities are concerned. WWF joining hands with us shows that they recognize our commitment towards Karachi, and we hope that Karachi emerges as a major participant in this challenge and we as a responsible company will continue to provide our utmost support to this Green cause”.






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