Kababjees Scandal – Shaheed E Millat Road Branch & Valet Parking

This incident took place outside Kababjees (Shaheed-e-Millat road) branch. We gave our car to the valet personnel who parked it far away from the restaurant.

According to the so called ONLY appointed chokidar cum guard without any weapon who was on duty told us that 2 guys came towards him, pointed the gun at him and made him sit in the car along with them.

They broke the quarter glass, took the LCD stereo system and an official laptop which had an important data. After this incident Kababjees denied to took this responsibility and put the overall blame onto the valet person.

Shame on kababjees and their valet service for not completely admitting their irresponsibility. I mean they got a good name in the market, most of the people visit them and they have got ONLY one so called guard to look after and protect the cars.

By Hasan Taak



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  1. Farruk February 12, 2022

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