KE Announces Special Measures to Facilitate Muharram Majalis, Rallies and Processions

Karachi: According to K-Electric press statement the company has begun facilitating commemorative meetings and processions as part of its plan to support local administration in maintaining law and order for the first 10 days of Muharram-ul-Haraam.

The program includes exemption of feeders, ensuring the availability of standby generators, establishing four regional control rooms and special transmission and distribution teams to immediately address unexpected faults in the network. These teams would be working in close coordination with the City Administration and Law Enforcement Agencies to help them maintain law and order and ensure a smooth Muharram.

Since the beginning of Muharram, uninterrupted supply of electricity is being provided from 6pm to 7am to more than 223 feeders located in areas where Majalis and processions are taking place. These areas were identified by Ulemas in meetings with law enforcement agencies and the city administration.

Emergency generators are also being made available at major locations to mitigate any unexpected breakdown. 

Addressing the issue of street lights, statement added that these fall under the responsibility of the city administration and not KE, and that the company is not responsible for either the maintenance or the replacement of faulty street lights. KE urged the concerned authorities to do the needful in this regard to avoid any issue because of these lights.


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