KE Under-16 Lyari Football League final to be held Today

Karachi: According to KE’s press statement the Under-16 Lyari Football League that kicked off on the 17th of April this month at the People’s Stadium Lyari will conclude this Sunday. According to details a prize purse of 1 Lac rupees for the winning team will be at stake in the final of the K-Electric Under-16 Lyari Football League which would also be covered live on a local sports channel. Sunday’s final will conclude this competition, which is being held in collaboration with I Am Karachi and the Sindh Football Federation.

Lyari, which has long been the source of some of Pakistan’s finest football talent, has suffered badly from gang-wars over the last several years, which has consequently ruined the youth culture in the locality.

According to KE, this reality motivated the power utility company in investing in the talented youngsters residing in the area. KE’s spokesperson said, “Our environment has a huge impact on the way we behave and act. Lyari’s youngsters have long lived in a place that is not conducive to productive habits. Thus our aim has been to motivate them into taking up healthy activities and we have been very happy at the positive response to the Football League.”

The fourth edition of the league is different from previous ones in that the team names are associated with former legendary footballers from Lyari, in order to pay tribute to those who have made significant contributions to Pakistani football.


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