Kenwood Split Air Conditioner Malfunctioning & Complaint unresolved by R & I electrical appliances

My father purchased new Kenwood split AC from an exhibition in Karachi Expo by Kenwood on discount offer in December 2016 (a marketing compaign by Kenwood Pakistan). The AC was not installed till March 2017 and when it was installed in start of April 2017 it did not work. My father launched complaint to R & I electrical appliances dealer of Kenwood in Pakistan based on warranty card issued by them.

Complaint was with reference to Kenwood warranty card no. KSDC1203GS1600316 and complaint no. Khi 3.14616 raised to R & I electrical appliances. Complaint was not resolved. We bear transport charges 1300 rs when they came to pick it, after that they said its alright now, AC was picked back by my father on their confirmation & defect was unresolved still then after re installation (again we bear the charges of reinstallation by local vendor). Complaint slip is given below:
complaint slip
All charges of transportation 3 to 4 times sending to repair on warranty are owned by my father and they did not entertain us.   Then R &I Electrical appliances claimed to correct the problem, but the problem could not be resolved even 3 times of repair cycle. Repeatedly we are moving AC here to R & I office but of no use. Even today 13th of May 2017 we have shifted the invert-er to R & I office in Gulshan Karachi and they just promise to resolve it.
This is how customer support works??  AC is not working even today. Kenwood should bear the charges, we purchased the AC brand new, if it is not working Kenwood should replace it and bear all the expenses occurred in its installation as well. The warranty card is still valid and we see poor customer support by Kenwood Pakistan.


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