KE’S “Naya Bill Hara Qadam” Initiative Estimated To Conserve 265 Million Litres Of Water Annually

Karachi: KE has taken another pioneering step within Pakistan’s power sector to address climate change by introducing its new “Hara bill,” an effective, smarter, and environmentally friendlier way of communicating vital billing information with its customers from the month of November.

Climate change is impacting our environment in unimaginable ways, and the need of the hour is to move from ambition to action.

KE is tackling today’s challenges in Pakistan’s power sector by revisiting its core processes and identifying opportunities for improvement.

We are committed to add cleaner, greener, and efficient energy into our generation mix as we look to the next decade. Innovation and digitization of services is shifting the company towards an increasingly paperless environment.

The next opportunity was to integrate this sustainable mindset towards our customer base of over 3.4 million, many of whom are receiving paper bills.

The breakthrough is in the introduction of a new, environmentally friendly bill which immediately inducts KE’s entire customer base as protectors of the environment.

A simple move with a big impact preventing over 92 tonnes of paper-based waste entering Karachi’s landfills, preserving over 4200 trees, and over 265 million litres of water on an annual basis.

At a time when the world prepares for COP27 and reevaluates its alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), this new bill provides an opportunity for responsible consumption and production (SDG 12), takes urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts (SDG 13), and protects terrestrial ecosystems (SDG 15).

Speaking on this initiative, CEO Moonis Alvi remarked, “Our new green bill perfectly embodies KE’s ethos and philosophy on sustainability and represents an extensive design and process evaluation effort. This bill is a concrete and immediate step to conserve existing resources and lower our carbon footprint. In parallel, our future plans are geared towards achieving 30 by 30 – 30% renewable generation by the year 2030.”

Paper production is one of the world’s top industrial processes and globally consumes precious natural resources.

This qadam reduces KE’s footprint and sets the precedent for industry players to follow.

Today’s actions are securing our tomorrow, and KE is committed to leading this change from the front.

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