Koohi Goth: Story Of An Illiterate Women And How She Become A Doctor

dr-atia-zafarIn 1948 a small family consisting of of Syed Zafar & his wife Atia Zafar with their two children migrated to Karachi from Patna to live in the newly created Muslim state.

Atia was an illiterate but with the help of her husband she did her matriculation and got admission in DOW medical college where all of her 8 children were studying.

After becoming a doctor she started a small clinic in Liyari and then shifted it to Malir, which become a 50 bed hospital and now the income from that hospital is going to different charitable organization, causes and Koohi Goth hospital.

Kohi Goth hospital is a charitable hospitable specializing in women pregnancy and other related matters. The hospital was built by Dr. Atia Zafar’s son Shershah Syed and is receiving charity from her mother’s Atia General Hospital.

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