Life of Mus’ab bin ‘Umair is Best Example for our Youth

masjid with shadowThe life of Mus’ab bin ‘Umair (ra), who was martyred on 8th Shawwal in the battle of Uhud, is a brilliant example of guidance for the youth of today. Born in a rich family, wore the best of clothes, had the best perfumes and before Islam lived a lifestyle like the elite of Makkah.

But once he embraced Islam, his mom kicked him out of the house and deprived him of everything. Yet Musab chose Islam over pressure of parents, and sacrificed his worldly assets just for the sake of Islam.

Besides this great sacrifice, Musab was a convincing dawah carrier as well. Alone, he opened Madina through his dawah, won over the hearts of Aws and Khazraj and influenced the men of Nusrah of Medina, whose bayah resulted in the establishment of the first Islamic state.

When he got martyred in Uhud he did not have a piece of cloth big enough to cover his body. Indeed a great example of prioritizing Islam over this temporary world!

Today, isn’t the deen the least important matter to us? Don’t we succumb to incorrect parental pressures? Isn’t our ultimate aim to be rich, famous and trendy? Haven’t we prioritized this limited Dunya over akhirah?

Let’s re-evaluate and change our directions. Let’s follow the footsteps of the great youth like Musab bin Umair and take out time for this Islam.

By Muhammad Waqas

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