Lifebuoy Announced As Official Hygiene Partner for Carfirst

Lifebuoy Announced As Official Hygiene Partner for Carfirst

CarFirst, Pakistan’s most trusted used car trading platform announced Lifebuoy, the world’s number one germ protection soap brand, as their official ‘Hygiene Partner’. Lifebuoy’s global and national dedication to hand hygiene reinforced CarFirst’s commitment to partner with the brand as their official hygiene partner. The brand partnered with CarFirst to actively carry out Lifebuoy’s commitment to promoting hand hygiene habits. As part of the partnership, the brand will provide hand hygiene products to CarFirst at their customer-facing operations.

Commenting on this partnership Anam Toseef, Head of Corporate Communications CarFirst, said “The health and wellbeing of our employees, customers, and members of our community is our utmost priority, and this collaboration aims to provide our community access to reliable hand hygiene. During the ongoing COVID Pandemic, we valued Lifebuoy’s public service messaging, where they encouraged and appealed to the Pakistani public to wash their hands with soap, regardless of the brand. Everyone should take the necessary precautions and responsibly safeguard themselves and those around them. Thus, post lockdown, at CarFirst’s first public press event, we handed out safety kits to all our attendees that included face coverings and Lifebuoy hand hygiene products. At our Multan Operations launch, along with our CarFirst’s CEO, Raja Murad Khan, MNA Makhdoom Zain Qureshi, and members of the press joined our commitment to promote hand hygiene and maintain appropriate social distancing for the general health and well-being of our community.”

Commenting on this partnership, Asima Haq, Director Beauty & Personal Care Unilever, said “Lifebuoy has always been a brand that has looked to support people to have better personal hygiene. Following the success of our partnership with Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), we are very excited to be partnering with CarFirst, who are truly the drivers of change in the used car industry. Lifebuoy is on a long-standing mission to inspire better hygiene practices, at home and at work. We’re looking forward to working closely with CarFirst to promote better hygiene practices in Pakistan.”

CarFirst is geared towards simplifying the lives of its customers and continuously driving Pakistan’s used car industry forward through innovation, and playing a role as Pakistan’s most trusted used car trading platform. CarFirst is proud to be the driver of change by bringing forth transparency, regulation, instant payment, secure transfers, and hassle-free trading across Pakistan.

CarFirst is Pakistan’s most trusted used car trading platform that revolutionized the way used cars are traded in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, and Hyderabad. CarFirst has solved the problems of the used car market by bringing in regulation, transparency, instant payment, secure transfers, and hassle-free trading. The fastest way to sell a car has now arrived in Multan, with potential sellers now able to sell their car in 45 minutes.


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