LRBT Launches 2 Innovative Fundraising Projects

LRBT fundraising projects

LRBT fundraising projectsThe largest free eye care trust in the country organized a press and bloggers meetup to launch two fundraising projects of its kind, to help raise awareness and garner support for the poor blind and visually impaired patients of the country. #LRBT Sightsaviour and #LRBTxSania have been launched just before the auspicious month of Ramzan to enable the 20 million lives lost in darkness to be able to see this Eid!

This year LRBT has to raise over a billion rupees to fund the treatment of millions of eye patients who flock to our vast network of free eye services comprising of 77 facilities which cover around 70% of Pakistan’s poor population.

Since inception in 1985, LRBT through its 19 hospitals and 58 eye clinics, has treated over 41 million patients and performed 4 million surgeries absolutely free. On a daily basis over 9500 patients visit our facilities and 1,500 surgeries are performed. 3.1 million patients are expected to visit our facilities in the forthcoming year of which 300,000 will require surgery.

Step forward and enable us to help the 20 million sightless eyes out of which 3 million are children and hoping someone will give them the colors of life this Eid.

LRBT sight saviour wrist bands were launched by Hassan sheheryar Yaseen of HSY. He shared his story of LRBT when he had lost his sight from one eye and LRBT saved it 17 years ago. HSY is the face of #lrbtsightsaviour campaign. Companies, hotels, airlines, banks etc are encouraged to buy bulks to show support to the cause. Buy a LRBT Sight saviour band and play your role in bringing colors to sightless eyes.


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