Luck Strikes For Geo Again?

Rabab Hashim, or Abbie as her friends like to call her, is a Pakistani drama star who was the youngest person to graduate from NAPA (National Academy of Performing Arts). She has been working in the industry since the age
of 10, and is not new to the media scene.

However, even with all the experience under her belt, Hashim has exceeded all expectations. Her recent endeavors at GEO titled “Piya Mann Bhaye” and “Anaya Tumhari Hui” have turned her into an actress to look out for. These television serials have acclaimed a huge fan base and in turn taken Hashim’s fan following to a new level
The drama is a tale of a love triangle, friendship, envy, and family pressures; the twists and turns evident in the show will have us grappling at the edges of our seats. Rubab’s performance as Safina alongside Sonia Mishal as Amal, and Sami Khan as Haim will keep us on our toes as the characters make decisions that change the course of their lives.


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