Martin Dow performs ground-breaking of Clinic at IBA

Karachi: Martin Dow, one of Pakistan’s leading pharmaceutical companies, is inaugurating a Clinic at the IBA, Karachi. Mr. M. Jawed Akhai, Chairman, Martin Dow, along with Mr. Tariq Wajid, Managing Director and CEO, Martin Dow, Dr. Ishrat Hussain, Dean and Director, IBA along with the Martin Dow management participated in the Ground-Breaking. This Clinic will be constructed with the support of Martin Dow as a part of their CSR initiatives.

Both Mr. Jawed Akhai and Mr. Tariq Wajid are alumni of IBA. The Clinic will have a qualified doctor on duty at specified times. The dispensary attached to the Clinic will provide basic healthcare solutions as well as medication pertaining to common ailments to the students of IBA.

Martin Dow recognizes that IBA produces some of the top quality graduates of Pakistan. Martin Dow also understands that the rigorous academic schedules leave little time for IBA students, therefore, a clinic is being established at the campus for their convenience.

Martin Dow is a renowned Pakistani pharmaceutical company which offers a range of leading brands and, over the years, has evolved into a promising avenue for the development of quality healthcare. The Company formulates various healthcare solutions and nurtures a clear CSR vision based on support for education and health in the various social strata. The company makes quality pharmaceutical products to further its vision through “Commitment to Community.”


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