Masood Alam, an underrated gem of Pakistani Music Industry

Masood Alam, an underrated gem of Pakistani Music Industry<br>

Masood Alam is a Musician, Poet, Lyric Composer and a Music Producer born at 7th June 1988 belonged to a lower middle class family under the outskirts of Karachi.

He lost his beloved father at the age of four. He was brought up by his two elder brothers and his mother who struggled a lot at earning a living.

His mother and his brother always ensured to instill Masood with great knowledge and skills. Masood wasn’t like other ordinary kids but as a child he was drawn towards creativity of every sort, he liked sketching, poetry and writing about the beauty of the universe.

He grew up with an appreciation of local folk songs and demonstrated a talent for music at an early age.

This now reflects through his Art of Music which tells a tale of unknown emotions, pain, love and joy. Masood started his music journey at very young age, he bought his first piano with a little saving and practiced different melodies of the famous Pakistani and Indian music then later started inventing his own melodies.

Masood Alam has a unique ability to capture mood through a unique ability to capture exactly what they feel.

As an inspired craftsman of melody and tonal color, he wrote in an astonishing variety of musical forms that made a forever home in everyone’s heart around him.

His talent got soon discovered by Hilal Company that hired him to work as a music composer for the most beloved candy brand “Ding Dong”, it was Masood Alam who put colors through his art of music.

Due to many living challenges, Masood decided to tutor to financially support his family and his education. He then bought his professional keyboard by cleaning cars at a parking lot and saved some money to buy his desired keyboard.

And researched and practiced to master all the levels of Keyboard music Masood Alam skills not only getting lauded in Pakistan but his talent was appreciated beyond borders.

A very well-known director from Bollywood “Imtiaz Ali” gave Masood Alam the platform he was worthy off and worked with him on a television commercial of “Shan Masalay Pakistan” which was immensely loved by all the viewer’s nationally and internationally.

In 2018 Masood Alam got the chance to work with the creative productions of Lahore and composed an award worthy music for the commercial of HT Lubricants (ZIC).

Now Masood Alam along the supervision Mukhtar Zaidi have become one of the most power team to produce heartfelt commercials of every sort. Both of them worked on several advertisements of Pakistan most known and respected brands of every sort


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