Meher Najeeb Launched her New Salon in K-Town‏

Karachi: After running a successful business, Meher Najeeb inaugurated her eponymous salon at Khayabane-e-Shahbaz, on August 5, 2015. The sheer needed to accommodate more clients and the great demand from her growing clientele, led to inception of this idea.

With a promising experience of over 20 years, Meher is a visionary and a beautician par excellence. She is among best of the best hair stylists and color technicians in Karachi, and has received training from different institutes in the United Kingdom, Paris, United States, and Dubai.

Her new salon has been done up by Yoca, owned by Najmi Bilgrami Corporate Limited, who managed to cater to all their concerns in the most effective and professional manner. This novel project provided a fresh and inspiring perspective on what Meher had envisioned.

Meher’s team involved in the project also boasts of exceptional young talent. It has the most number of senior stylists, ranging from her daughters, Mahin and Iman, who are trained make-up artists from various institutes in London, New York, and Dubai. Others on the team are, Tehmina, who was trained at the renowned Toni and Guy in London and Palwasha, who is also a remarkable make-up artist and hair stylist.

In addition to this, the theme of new Meher salon is inspired by a high end New York loft, something that has never been done before and is different than the typical salons in Karachi. With a fabulous experience and a unique styled salon in the making, Meher’s Salon is also diversifying into other services such as, make-up (bridal and party), and hair and spa treatments (manicure, pedicure, massage, facials).

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