Mobilink has Launched ‘Make Your Mark’ as its Flagship Corporate Responsibility Initiative

ISLAMABAD: Mobilink has launched its flagship Corporate Responsibility initiative – Make Your Mark. The ‘Make Your Mark’ initiative is a key element of VimpelCom’s corporate responsibility strategy, with the objective of ‘Helping young people shape their future’. ‘Make Your Mark’ recognizes the challenges that today’s young people face regarding issues such as poverty, youth unemployment, inadequate healthcare and education, food security, resource scarcity and climate change – reinforced by a rapidly growing population.

It aims to provide young people with technology tools, support and mentoring, and in some cases access to basic education, to help them tackle these challenges at an individual, community and national level – to shape their future. Under the Make Your Mark umbrella Mobilink has partnered with LUMS Center of Entrepreneurship, Institute of Social and Policy Sciences, GuarantCo and Pakistan Center for Philanthropy (PCP) and is working on setting up an incubator for budding entrepreneurs, expanding its mLiteracy program to reach out to an additional 3750 rural females and establishing 6 state-of-the-art ICT labs at schools adopted by NGOs.

Anusha Rehman, Minister for IT, speaking at the launch said, “The Government of Pakistan is committed towards implementing the latest technology to enable the youth of Pakistan. Make Your make is an encouraging step from Mobilink and will go a long way in supporting the Government’s strategy of enabling the young generation of Pakistan through technological advancements.”

Minister of IT further added: “The government is confident that together with this interest, investment and support of corporate organization we will be able to capitalized the telecommunications infrastructure for socio-economic development of Pakistan”

Jeffrey Hedberg, President & CEO Mobilink, commenting on the launch of Make Your Mark said, “Make Your Mark is a unique initiative that feeds directly into Mobilink’s corporate responsibility strategy and aims at helping young people in Pakistan through technology, expertise and knowledge. The initiatives planned under the program will offer support to a variety of beneficiaries to tackle the socio-economic challenges in Pakistan. The ultimate aim of MYM is enabling a generation of educated and tech-literate young people. We have partnered with three global organizations LUMS, DFID and GuarantCo for Make Your Mark. I am confident that Make Your Mark will contribute significantly in shaping the future of our youth by equipping them with the latest technology.” He then also thanked the Minister of IT, Anusha Rehman for her valuable time and kind patronage.

Furthermore, Mobilink has also developed Mobilink Guardian; an android based app working with a young startup Virtual Proz. Mobilink Guardian Service notifies your loved ones of your location. Currently being offered on Android Handsets, the service when trigged uses GSM and GPS to transmit prompter’s location to up to 5 user-listed contacts via customizable SMS alerts. This service can be prompted by simply pressing power button thrice.






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