Natural appeal: Islamabadians engaged with Margalla Hills film at TLF

Islamabad: The Dawood Foundation (TDF) screened its documentary on the conservation of the Margalla Hills Natural Park at the Teacher’s Literature Festival being held at Lok Virsa, Islamabad. TDF is using this documentary on the park as a microcosm to illustrate Pakistan’s larger environmental challenges to the children visiting this festival. It educates the younger generation that their country is very vulnerable to the effects of Climate Change and that the degradation of environment will put a strain on its resources and lead to natural disasters.

Brigadier Akram, resident representative, Dawood Hercules Group, said, “The documentary depicts the breathtaking natural beauty of Margalla Hills – an area with which children are quite familiar. By providing a localized context to Islamabad’s young residents, we hope that our message resonates better, and children will have a clearer understanding of human’s dependency on nature.”

Besides screening the documentary, TDF has also set up a stall at the festival to interact with the visitors and engage them in a discussion about nature conservation.

Margalla Hills National Park is a part of TDF’s recently launched Nature Series, which is a set of documentaries aimed to raise awareness about Pakistan’s degrading natural habitat. Another documentary is about Chitral Gol Natural Park.






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