New City Project generates interest in Sargodha Chambers of Commerce

Lahore: The New City project consultative session held at Sargodha Chambers of Commerce & Industry (SCCI) in collaboration with The Urban Unit (Planning & Development Department, Government of the Punjab) attracted a larger number of local business community members along with representatives from (SCCI), Housing & Urban Development Department and nominees from Punjab Board of Investment & Trade.

The New City Project is carrying out comprehensive stakeholder consultation sessions with the chambers of commerce and industries in select cities, in order to garner maximum participation and feedback from key sectors especially focusing on business and trade communities. The Urban Unit team shared with the participants the Integrated City Planning Framework that will integrate all major aspects of city planning, namely, the Spatial, Social, Economic and Institutional planning involved in the New City Project.

The participants discussed criteria based mapping-GIS, investment potential, integration of the project with China Pak Economic Corridor and the project’s consultation framework. In its second tier, consultative sessions and interviews will be conducted with business communities, especially with the local chamber members in order to elicit their response on all aspect of the feasibility of the development of the New City. The projected New City is being designed with an aim to be an industrial hub of not only the province of Punjab but of Pakistan.

“Sargodha Chambers of Commerce & Industries is looking forward to the conceptualization of the New City Project in anticipation of great economic and trade opportunities we foresee after this session. The approach to incorporate the feedback and consultation of the local business community by the project team of the Urban Unit is a highly recommended initiative,” said Mr. Mirza Fazal ur Rehman, President Sargodha Chambers of Commerce & Industries on the occasion.

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