New Feature Hikes the Price Of Suzuki Mehran

New Feature Hikes the Price Of Suzuki Mehran

Karachi: Last week, it is noticed the price of Suzuki Mehran surged in Pakistan. While, to the prior experts believed that the increase came to price as a result of a massive 53% drop in Pak-Suzuki gains during the last nine months.

Surprisingly, it has been observed a noticeable arising in price much more effective since 10th April.
The Feature Surges the Price

It is widely observed the new introduced feature leads the price hike, is all new manufactured Mehran with Immobilizer.


An immobilizer is an electronic security device which is fitted to an automobile that thwart engines form running until and unless the original key is provided.

Technically, which is RF identification transponder verified automatically upon car ignition.

New Market Price of Suzuki Mehran

The market price reported 5000 increased in last week in Suzuki Mehran, VX and VXR. Whereas, price touching peak about PKR 24000 recently.
A list of current market price mentioned here:
> Mehran VX -PKR 679,000.
> Mehran VXR – PKR 732,000.
>Mehran VX CNG – PKR 749,000.
> Mehran VXR CNG – PKR 802,000.


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