New Year resolutions

New Year resolutions follow shortly after celebrating the New Year. Usually, we tend to write a long list of things to accomplish in the year, but that has never worked out for me – the list becomes overwhelming! After some research, Jovago brings you some ways to stick to your resolutions:

1. Set realistic goals! Many people tend to create goals that are difficult to accomplish. Instead of this, break down your long-term goals into steps, so you can reward yourself along the way.

2. Avoid trying to fulfill previous resolutions since this will make you more anxious and frustrated.

3. Allow yourself to fail once in a while, and view it as a minor setback that in turn will make you stronger and more determined if you overcome it.

4. Invest in a journal, and track your progress. This is more interactive and journaling your successes is a useful and a good habit.

5. Share a few resolutions with friends and family who can encourage you and help you accomplish them.

We hope this list will help you stick to your goals. Also, make sure you make time to travel. You don’t need to take long and expensive trips, but instead take short trips throughout the year. Travel helps in refreshing your soul and it keeps you motivated in your current pursuits.


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