Newscaster Taunts PMLN’s Talal Chaudhry On Criticizing PTI

Talal Chaudhry

Dunya News newscaster taunted PMLN’s Talal Chaudhry that the chairs in PMLN’s rally are also empty when he criticized PTI’s Tehreek-e-Ehtesab rally of being with a very low audience.

The newscaster asked Talal Chaudhry about Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Ehtesab rally being started from PTI’s stronghold Peshawar. Responding to that Talal Chaudhry said that PTI is using government funds to make this rally successful but the people of Peshawar have rejected PTI by not attending the rally in numbers.

On that response the newscaster taunted Talal Chaudhry that you are criticizing PTI but there’s a rally of PMLN going on in Peshawar where the chairs are also empty at of this time.


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