Pakistani Cricketers Should Be Penalized/Fined  

Muhammad Sami, well I have had a front row seat in seeing this guy getting 1000 chances to make his return and make an impact, he has never delivered. I was wonder struck when I heard about his recent inclusion in national squad. Sami is a disaster!

Anwar Ali, well yeah he won the U19 worldcup for us, and he won that match against Sri Lanka by hitting the ball hard. But recently, since being given constant chances in the team. I have never seem him delivering something exceptional. His line and length are terrible, he cant even bowl dot deliveries often and neither can he bowl wicket to wicket. Why is he so over rated?

Khurram Manzoor another piece of trash from the domestics.
Sharjeel Khan, another enormous piece of trash from domestics.

Lastly, Shahid Afridi Official who once had my utmost respect, has lost it all in the recent days. His hot head, his stupid decisions during important matches, his consistent poor performance has left me questioning my love for him. He is the worst choice for captaincy right now. Anyone can be a better captain than him. And no need to say ‘anyone’ when we have the likes of Sarfaraz in our team.

Our selectors are idiots with no power to comprehend things from the past. All our players should be fined for each catch drop, each misfield, each duck, each extra ball bowled. Only then will they perform!

By Talha Imam

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