Pakistan’s First Wealth Management Conference Looks At The Future Outlook Of The Industry

Karachi: Pakistan’s first wealth management conference took place on 10 May at a local hotel in Karachi. This conference was organized by HMPK Solutions, attracting delegates and speakers (local and international) from across all segments of the financial sector. The conference was aimed at the future outlook of the financial industry with focus on development of the wealth management segment.

The theme of the conference was “Opportunities & Challenges: The Way Forward!” covering a broad horizon on the concept of wealth management, the opportunities it presents and the challenges associated in its implementation. Some of the distinguished speakers present at the conference includes a combination of international and national players from the industry such as Mr. Graham Hughes, Associate Director Compass Wealth Management; Mr. Mir Mohammad Ali Khan, Chairman Mind and Markets Inc.; Ms. Nur Ain Ramli, Head of Wealth Management of Bank Muamalat, Malaysia to name a few.

Harmit Mana, Founder & CEO, of HMPK Solutions, addressing on this occasion said, “The aim of this conference is to support the financial industry by educating and creating awareness in financial professionals about wealth management concepts and practices in Pakistan and globally.

The objective is to provide a platform to all stakeholders to exchange ideas and offer best solutions to cater the needs of the Pakistani population, keeping them abreast of the latest developments in the wealth management arena, the best practices and barriers in implementation of those practices. This conference will provide a road map and pave the way forward in developing a viable wealth management culture in Pakistan”.


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