Park Towers Anniversary Sale 30% CASH BACK On Every Purchase

We all know that Park Towers has availed a first mover advantage over the period. Park Towers has re-designed their strategy to boost the buying experience for the shoppers. The visionary management is all set to celebrate their 17th anniversary.

The recent physical developments at the mall have added the charisma to its architecture and provide a soothing environment. The New Year brings in a pledge for shopping, and to fulfill the pledge we bring amazing offers. As never before, Park Towers came up with 30% flat cash back offer on all the outlets valid for 1st and 2nd January 2016.

The mall does not put a full stop rather enrich our audience with the cultural heritage of all the provinces. Performances like Talwar Dance, Rubab dance, Handicrafts exhibition, and Puppet show was carried. The chaos at the atrium showcased cultural heritage, food items and other accessories for the purchase. The festival and discounts are valid till 10th January, so don’t miss the chance to explore the vibrant and diverse cultural heritage and nonetheless all your favorite brands are offering discounts.


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