Patients’ Behbud Society for AKUH – 15 years of changing lives

Karachi: The Patients’ Behbud Society for Aga Khan University Hospital (PBS) celebrated 15 years of support to needy patients and the generosity of its donors at a ceremony today.

Since 2001, PBS has provided Rs 829 million in financial support for the care of over 28,000 deserving patients.

“PBS is an independent, charitable society, which disburses zakat to help mustehiq patients receive world-class quality medical treatment at AKUH, its clinics and medical centres across Pakistan. Its supporters include individuals and organisations, and the Aga Khan University’s faculty, staff, students, alumni and volunteers,” said the PBS’ Chairman M.R. Monem while addressing the ceremony.

A meticulous process identifyies the most deserving patients who are eligible to receive zakat-based support on a shariah compliant basis. Also all zakat donations are used only for the treatment of patients with all administrative expenses borne by the University.

Addressing the gathering, AKU’s President Firoz Rasul said that the University is dedicated to the principle that everyone deserves to have access to quality healthcare, regardless of their income.

He spoke about how PBS is part of a larger effort of the University Hospital to reach out to deserving patients in the country. “The Aga Khan University Hospital’s Patient Welfare Programme has assisted over 1.58 million patient visits with Rs 6.68 billion since its inception in 1986. A significant subsidy is also provided to all general ward patients as well as clinic patients at the AKUH Community Health Centre in Karachi.”

“I cannot express enough gratitude to our donors for their generous support for PBS. I feel immense pride at AKUH, where my chances of meeting someone from a katchi abadi or a millionaire from Defence are the same – thus proving that quality healthcare for everyone is not just a pipe dream but an ideal that we must strive for. This highlights one of the most beautiful aspects of our religion – to give and to care,” said Mr Monem.

On the occasion, Anwar Maqsood and Bushra Ansari enthralled the audience with their performance. “The work of PBS, supported by its donors, is driven by a desire to provide the best medical care to underprivileged people and for Allah’s blessings,” said Mr Maqsood.






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