Peshawar Zalmi is ‘Biggest Brand Competing in PSL’

Former Pakistan Super League Champion Zalmi, has received another great honor. American company Nielsen have officially declared for the second year in a row, that Peshawar Zalmi is the Most Valuable Brand in the Pakistan Super League 3rd Edition.

In addition to this, they also declared Haier as the most impressive shirt logo, along with all Zalmi-related sponsors for the second time as well. Pakistan Super League’s and Pakistan’s most popular sports brand Peshawar Zalmi once again has won the rank position in brand value.

The American company, Nielsen, gave Peshawar Zalmi the honor of being the most popular and valuable brand of Pakistan Super League 3rd edition by carefully assessing the brand for its superb branding, media and social media campaigns. If we fast-rewind to last year, Nielsen had declared the former champs of PSL number one last year as well.

According to Nielsen, Peshawar Zalmi has performed exceptionally well on all metrics related to brand value on media and social media and this has led Peshawar Zalmi to become the best franchise of Pakistan Super League for the second time in a row. Nielsen also mentioned that Peshawar Zalmi Fans are the highest in number as compared to other PSL franchises. Peshawar Zalmi title sponsor Haier is the most prominent and prestigious brand in terms of Pakistan logo shirt.

Javed Afridi, chairman of Peshawar Zalmi and Zalmi Foundation, said that the Peshawar Zalmi team thanks the players and all the fans, for being a part of our journey on becoming the best franchise.

Mr. Afridi again expressed his determination that the #BringBackSmiles project will be achieved through cricket in KP Pakistan, and we will also extend beyond cricket through other activities in this region.

He said that his wish is that in the fourth season of PSL, Peshawar Zalmi plays a few matches in Peshawar, which is their home ground and the fans get to witness their heroes live in front of their eyes.

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