Pfizer collaborates with Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society (PNDS) Collaboration inked for Nutrition Awareness Program

Karachi: Pfizer Pakistan Limited and Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society (PNDS) signed a Memorandumof Understanding (MoU) to create awareness about nutrition and micronutrient deficiencies in Pakistan. Through this initiative,Pfizer and PNDS will collaborate and organize a series of school based awareness campaign across Pakistan highlighting theimportance of balanced diet and key nutrients including protein, vitamins and minerals for children’s physical and mentalgrowth.

Pakistan is one of the countries that suffer from high rates of malnutrition among children and mothers, which occurs due to anumber of reasons such as low nutritional knowledge, lack of awareness and insufficient intake of proteins, vitamins andminerals. The National Nutritional Survey, conducted in the year 2011 revealed that almost 60 per cent of children suffer fromacute and chronic malnutrition combined. 1  These high rates have shown no improvement in recent decades. Malnutritioncontributes to 35 to 50 per cent of child deaths worldwide, with similar patterns in Pakistan, states the UNICEF.

The campaign aims to help create awareness among parents as well as children on the important role of nutrient rich breakfastplays in the prosperity of school going children as several studies have shown children’s tendency to skip the most importantmeal of the day.

“In early childhood and during adolescence, eating unhealthy diet is becoming a public health issue in Pakistan. It has both shortterm as well as long term consequences. Lack of awareness, role of media and peer pressure are identified as main factors,”said Fayza Khan, President of Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society (PNDS) adding that usually, unhealthy diet is caloric denserather than nutrient dense which leads to impaired concentration at school and low immunity, resulting in a high risk ofinfections. “In the long term, unhealthy diet can lead to chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.” She saidthat the school based awareness campaign promotes evidence-based healthy eating practices in both children and parents.

Dr Farid Khan, Country Manager of Pfizer in Pakistan at the commencement of this program said, “Protein and micronutrientsupplementation is important in countries where children suffer from malnutrition, which is the cause of a number of health complications. Many countries have prioritized nutrition on their national charter. Pfizer is committed to provide solutions andwork on programs aimed at creating awareness amongst communities to help overcome this mammoth challenge.”

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