Planning Commission of Pakistan hosts consultative stakeholder session for 3rd Pakistan Urban Forum

Islamabad: The Planning Commission of Pakistan and the Urban Unit jointly organized a consultative stakeholder session for the 3rd Pakistan Urban Forum. The purpose of the session was to obtain consent and ownership from all event partners and to discuss detailed organisation and arrangements for the event. The session was conducted at the Planning Commission Auditorium in Islamabad.

Dr. Nasir Javed, CEO the Urban Unit initiated the interactive session by sharing a detailed overview of the Pakistan Urban Forum and elaborated upon its key aspects, including its event structure, promotion strategy, participating partners and security arrangements among other features.

Mr. Chaudhry Anwar Hussain, Chief Physical Planning & Housing, then opened the session for stakeholder feedback. Participants were forthcoming with their suggestions and recommended that the Pakistan Urban Forum include sessions on the role of ICT in urbanization, institutional strengthening, role of Private Public Partnerships in urban development and urban land management among others.

The 3rd Pakistan Urban Forum under the theme of Reimagining Pakistan’s Cities for the 21st Century seeks to assemble diverse examples of research, urban planning and management practices that have been implemented or can be implemented in Pakistan to call forth sensible policy, equitable urban development and environmental consciousness amongst its citizenry. The event will be held from 4th to 7th December 2015 at the Alhamra Arts Centre in Lahore.

The 3rd Pakistan Urban Forum aims to bring together key stakeholders to discuss issues, challenges and opportunities associated with Urban Pakistan to improve the capabilities of our cities, municipalities and concerned Government Agencies.


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