PMLN’s Propaganda Against Namal And Shaukat Khanum Exposed

Namal College - Shaukat Khanum

PMLN’s propaganda against charitable institutions like Namal College and Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital which were built by Imran Khan has been exposed by Shahzeb Khanzada.

Shahzeb Khanzada in his show exposed that whenever PMLN leadership wants to target Imran Khan, instead of targeting him they start targeting the charitable institutions, Namal College and Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital which are some of the finest institutions in the country.

Shahzeb said that PMLN leaders point fingers at these institutions without any evidences. If there is any claim against these institutions than instead of giving lines to the media, you are the government, you should take action against these institutes.

He further said that by targeting these institutions, you are not targeting Imran Khan but poor people.


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