Qingqi rickshaws & Karachi

Qingqi rickshaws are a small transport service but now it has become an immense problem for most of Karachiites. Sindh High Court (SHC) imposed a ban on Qingqi rickshaw service. Recently Qingqi drivers staged a huge rally against this order & transport mafia. Actually transport wants to demolish this business.  Vans and buses are transport way for people. Many conductors & drivers use abusive language and does not behave properly.  They also neglect the lesson of respect with women and old passengers.

When the Qingqi rickshaws started, middle class & lower class passengers were happy, they availed this service easily with affordable charges. Qingqi became helping hand for the un-employment persons and provide them employment.

Karachi’s citizens are facing messy traffic problem since a long time but it is not solved till today and Qingqi rickshaws became part of problem. Drivers of Qingqi  didn’t follow traffic rules.

By Abdullah Noman 

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