Role of Government & Health-care Workers in Promoting Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding awareness graphic

Exclusive breastfeeding is crucial for the optimum physical and psychological development of children. Thus, it is the shared responsibility of the whole society to promote breastfeeding at all levels. For this purpose, the government and the health care workers have to play several essential roles discussed below.

Duties of Health-care Workers

As health care workers are more acknowledged of the influence of breastfeeding on the health factors of both mother and a child. They should promote better practices of early and exclusive breastfeeding among households.

Exclusive breastfeeding improves the nutrition and survival of the children and helps society grow in a much powerful way ever experienced.

It is to be noted that various health care facilities are taking several precautions. Health care facilities are providing counselors that counsel and guide the mothers about the benefits of early breastfeeding. These efforts give us hope for a better future where no child will ever experience nutritional deficiencies due to such negligence.

Responsibilities of Government to Promote Breastfeeding

As a shared responsibility, the government should also promote breastfeeding by creating awareness among the population. This awareness can be made by seminars, household visits, and advertisements of various kinds. Furthermore, society must criticize all the practices related to alternative breastfeeding products.

A million newborns could be saved from their sad demise if the government successfully promotes 100 percent exclusive breastfeeding during the first two years of a child’s life.

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