Rooh Afza’s New Commercial Reflects The Spirit Of Ramzan

Holy month of Ramzan is the month of spending time with your family, caring for others and earning rewards for the hereafter and this is what Rooh Afza’s new commercial is about.

The new commercial by Rooh Afza starts with highlighting the importance of loving & caring for your family members which is the real spirit of Ramazan. This is the month in which we spend our time, sehri & iftar with our families.

In the month of Ramazan people should care about the needs of other people, especially our neighbors, workers and employees. Rooh Afza’s TVC also sheds light on this important area by depicting families should make sure that their house workers enjoy the blessings of Eid.

Disabled people, orphan and other vulnerable people of the society also need our help and support and we should make sure that they are being taken care of by the healthier part of the society.

Such creative advertisement not only reflects the teachings of Islam but also depicts the beauty of our culture. Family bonding, sacrifice and helping others are characteristics which marks difference between us and others. By depicting these characteristics Rooh Afza not only showed a positive image of our society but also promoted these values.

The most fascinating thing in this video is that the grandfather is teaching his grandson the Islamic values of remembering Allah and taking care of others. This is what we should also focus on because the future of this country and nation depends on the next generation and how we groom the future generation.

This commercial of Rooh Afza was warmly received by social media users. More than 2.9+ million people have watched this commercial which is a message for media that rather than spreading vulgarity they should promote the real message of Ramzan.

The festival of Eid is also an important annual event which connects friends and families together. This is the occasion on which Islam teaches us to forgive and reconnect with each other. On Eid we not only care for our own family members but we also care for those who need our support.

By Mubashir Mahmood. He tweets as @mubashirmahmood

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