Sapphire Introduces Eco-friendly Canvas Bags Made From Fabric Waste

sapphire reusuable bags

sapphire reusuable bagsSapphire Retail Limited, Pakistan’s leading fashion-house has introduced environment-friendly, canvas bags. The canvas bags, which are made from 100% leftover fabric, will be available in all Sapphire retail outlets from 7th August, 2019.

The canvas bags are being launched as part of the brand’s Independence Day campaign and will be available to customers on purchase of a Sapphire product for a limited time period. The bags are purposefully designed to carry up to three kilogram in weight so that they can be used for multiple purposes.

The campaign is driven towards changing the habit of consuming single-use plastic and paper bags and encouraging customers to re-use these canvas bags in their day-to-day life.

In an official statement issued by the brand, it states the reason behind the campaign and its pertinence in today’s world. “With the current level of environmental degradation and deforestation prevalent in Pakistan, Sapphire as a brand has opted to play its part by tackling waste and replacing paper bags.

The canvas bag initiative follows in the steps of the brand’s previous Independence Day campaign which involved the introduction of seed-embedded shopping bags made from cotton waste.

The brand also launched a capsule collection, the proceeds of which went to a massive tree plantation drive. This year’s campaign kicked off during Ramadan when the brand distributed 10,000 canvas bags in “Ramazan Bachat Bazaar” throughout Lahore.

All these initiatives, are part of a larger campaign called “little by little” which is geared towards creating awareness about environmental issues and to encourage our customers to make responsible decisions that will ultimately benefit Pakistan.”

The canvas bags are manufactured from leftover fabric which is first collected at Sapphire Textile Mills, then shredded into their basic form before being weaved into the canvas bag.

In the long run, Sapphire plans to make these canvas bags a permanent feature at all their retail outlets, replacing the paper-bags altogether.


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