Seven Friday Swiss watch brand Launched in Karachi

Karachi: Seven Friday, a Swiss watch brand, recently celebrated their availability at Movements by Collectibles with a star-studded Seven Friday party in Karachi, with the Daniel Niederer – Founder & CEO of Seven Friday watches coming to Pakistan for the occasion.

Adnan Malik, the friend of the brand SevenFriday, hosted the star-studded evening at Beach Luxury Hotel in Karachi, which was attended by Pakistan top celebrities and well known socialites including, leading TV & film actors like Javed Sheikh, Behroz Sabzwari, Sarwat Gilani, Zhalay Sarhadi, Hira Tareen; upcoming faces of Pakistani cinema including Bilal Ashraf, Osman Khalid Butt, Hareem Farooq & Gohar Rasheed; top models Fouzia Aman, Hasnain Lehri & Fia Khan; singers Umair Jaswal & Sarah Haider; fashion designers Ali Xeeshan & Nefer Sehgal and socialites including Shaniera Ikram, Iqbal Lakhani, Faiza Rangoonwal, Asim Jofa, to name a few.

SevenFriday has a decent selection of designs that are not necessarily pretty, but interesting and a bit different. They are also a type of unisex watch so except for some particularly masculine models in the M-series the design is adaptable for men and women with a style smooth enough to be dressed up or down.

“In just two years the new watch brand, SEVENFRIDAY, has managed to make a stir in the world of watches in 65 countries.” according to Daniel Niederer, Founder & CEO of Seven Friday. “We are really enjoying our business relationship with the Sonraj group and hope to strengthen our ties with Pakistan further in the future.”

Rameez Sattar, CEO of Sonraj Group commenting on brining the brand to Pakistan, “We are delighted to be bringing SevenFriday in Pakistan and bringing with it our passion for watches and commitment to deliver the best in customer service and quality”.

Seven Friday is distributed in Pakistan by the Sonraj Group, and is available at Movements by Collectibles outlets nationwide.


SevenFriday is a Swiss watch brand founded in 2012. Its watches mostly use square cases and have been described as “bold”, “futuristic” and “inspired by the industrial revolution. With such a long history working in the field of Luxury Products in Australia, Japan, Singapore and Thailand. Seven Friday now moves to Pakistan.






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