Shooting Memorable Videos Becomes Utterly Amazing With Huawei P8

Lahore: With Huawei P8, taking pictures & selfies is no doubt absolute fun and this ultra cool gadget captures life-like pictures. But when it comes to shooting videos, Huawei P8 outshines the entire competitor Smart phones. There is only one shutter mode button in P8, which allows you to shoot a certain distance. For example, the real-time preview lights a path, brightening little by little. When you think it is the exact amount of light you need, you can click the shutter button to end the shooting even if you have set a two-second exposure time leaving you with the same picture you saw.

This is what sets the Huawei P8 apart from its competitors. In fact, the Nubia1020 has designed this manual shutter mode as well, however it is similar to that of a single-lens reflex camera that users set an exposure time when the shooting starts, but then the picture cannot be previewed to determine whether the exposure time provided the desired effect. To that end, it is more suitable for professional photographers who are accustomed to a certain amount of exposure time.

The HuaweiP8 wants to be useful for even those ordinary users who have no knowledge of photography. For example, the exposure can be stopped at 1.5 seconds even if the user has set the timer for 2 seconds.

The manual shutter functions of phones made by other manufacturers in the industry are simple and yield inferior picture qualities, while the Huawei P8 can produce many beautiful pictures using its tailored algorithms for each mode.






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