Sind High Court Stops NEPRA from taking action against K-Electric

Karachi, 7th August 2015: According to K-Electric’s statement, the honorable Sind High Court has granted a stay and has stopped the regulatory body from taking any coercive action against the power utility.

KE statement added that despite the anti-KE attitude and biasness by some NEPRA officials who were trying to hurt the company’s image, K-Electric had been submitting detailed reports of its operations and faults and had welcomed NEPRA officials to its premises so that they could witness KE’s set-up and operations first-hand, but sadly, the report that came out from NEPRA’s end was completely out of context and far from the truth after which K-Electric had voiced out this concern in front of the Honorable Court.

K-Electric clearly mentioned in their arguments that all the allegations placed by the Regulatory Body were made to jeopardize the investment plans of USD 2 Billion in the next 3-5 years.

KE’s spokesman said, “K-Electric has always cooperated with the regulatory body at all levels and it was sad to see that NEPRA’s discriminatory attitude is hurting the sentiments in Karachi whereas it should act independently.”






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