Sindh Police – guardians or goons?

The greatest crime in Karachi is that of ‘driving’; particularly when the driver is a young man. Yesterday Afternoon, my brother was heading to his workplace at a ‘moderate’ speed; near Karsaz a mobile police van began tailing him. They overtook him and inquired about the non-payment of the tax which was deducted by no tax stickers on the ‘new’ windscreen.

This was the first time my brother was being daunted by the policemen which made him nervous. One of the police men sat in his car and told him to pay a fine of seven grand without more ado otherwise he will end up behind the bars and his vehicle will be seized.

Mind you, the police did not request the CNIC, driving permit nor the papers of the car. My sib told him how he was out of cash and requested to make a phone call for the arrangement of money, on which he instantly snatched his phone and demanded the payment.

My brother attempted to pay him the only banknote he had (PKR 500), but the police man grabbed his wallet and began searching it, and tragically, discovered two debit cards. He grinned, and made him drove to a nearby ATM and demanded to be paid. My sibling rejected his call by stating he had no cash in the accounts.

On which the cop requested a bank receipt/statement to demonstrate his case. Unfortunately, there was no chance to get out and he wound up paying an entirety of 7000 rupees to the corrupt police of Karachi.

My question to the people of Pakistan –Would you consider it as a penalty to safeguard law or mere extortion? And isn’t this the job of Traffic police?

By: Rumsha Khan


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