Smart Revolutionary Power Consumption Technology, one of many catches of Mate S

Lahore: Huawei’s recent ultra cool prodigy Mate S has got a lot to offer to its users. There is a wide range of amazing and unique features which this smart phone is going to bring with it. This smart device will enter the local mobile market soon and it will most certainly pose a heavy, tough competition to the rival brands. It is apparent from the launch of smart devices such as P8 and Mate S, that Huawei’s R&D department is excelling with leaps and bounds and taking this smart technology solution providing company to the sky heights.

The modern technologies utilized to manufacture this finest Huawei product, Mate S, are amazingly unique like the Smart revolutionary power consumption technology. This fine IPPS Intelligent power saving technology offers Power Freezing features which resolves the issue of heavy and excessive power consumption in Android phones, with effectiveness in power saving by over 30%. The users can now freeze backstage processes of Android phone and control ineffective power consumption, according to the desires of the users, this backstage freezing process can intelligently be “unfreeze” at any time.

Another smart feature which is going to engage the interest of gamers in this smart phone is the “Fluent-Gaming Mode”. The consumption of power would no longer trouble games because this smart gadget, Mate S, is utilizing the optimized algorithm, which  precisely analyses the game scenario and saves power up to 20% when playing game.

With such, afore described, striking characteristics Huawei is aiming towards capturing the whole smart phone market, targeting the desires of customers belonging to all the walks of life, having diversified interests when purchasing smart phones. As this smart device manufacturing company is keeping its focus on development of such technologies and innovations which are bringing modern tech in the easy access to its customers, making them better connected and their daily lives smart.


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