Sohail Khan Embarrassed By A Pakistani Journalist

Sohail Khan got a little embarrassed when a Pakistani journalist asked him to get English speaking training so he can answer the English journalists too.

The reporters asked Sohail Khan at the post match conference that you take tips and learn from Mushtaq Ahmed, will you also take time out to learn and improve your English from him?

On that question Sohail Khan who was celebrating his five wickets hauls against England, got embarrassed and said, I know how to speak English but this is the first time I am addressing a press conference so I am a little confuse.

Mubashir Zaidi in his show showed the clip and after that he said that it is famous in our community of journalists that we never ask the correct question. The reporter was a Pakistani reporter and instead of appreciating Sohail Khan he made him embarrassed.

Mubashir Zaidi revealed that the reporter the questioned Sohail Khan was of Express News. On that Wusatullah Khan asked Mubashir to not to take the name of the channel. In response to that Mubashir replied that the reporter was of Private Express News.

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