SoL Young Leaders conference 2015 From 11th August in Islamabad

Islamabad: The ever encouraging Youth Organization School of Leadership announced the 14th Young Leaders Conference in Islamabad. With the theme of “Regenearation” the organization is keen to train and faciliatate the youth of Pakistan which will be gathered at this platform.

Young Leaders Conference (YLC) is an annual conference that has been organized by School of Leadership (SoL) since 2002. More than 3000 young leaders from urban and rural areas of Pakistan are part of the extensive YLC network. More then hundreds of Politicians, Business Tycoons, Celebrities and Youthias have been part of this conference so far who shared their experiences and gave their experienced opinions on different youth related issues.

At YLC, youth between the ages of 18 to 24 are exposed to social, cultural, political and economic facets of leadership. Guided by mentors, experts, practitioners and trainers, youngsters develop their capacities in an environment conducive to learning. Thus, at YLC, visions are heightened, passions infused, lives rejuvenated, friendships gained and lessons learnt.

Building upon the years of tradition, this year’s YLC revolves around the theme of ‘Regeneration’. Regeneration refers to a re-assesment of pre-existing ideas in today’s context. The idea of Regeneration will be futher explored through thorough discussions and simulations that will incorporate issues from all spheres of a young person’s life.

The participants will be introduced to a new aspect of Regeneration everyday. The first day will be all about the struggle of shedding old beliefs. Participants will then be set on a path to discover their purpose. After the formulation of a resolution, the participants will be exposed to cultural, political, economic and social scenarios in order to better comprehend their standing.

YLC’15 will be a fusion of innovation and inspiration that will urge the participants to look at future possibilities, and will activate a sense of social responsibility through post-conference social action projects. The Official sponsors include English Biscuit Manufecturers, Thal limited, British Council, TCS, The United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan, Fauji Fertizlizer Company, Education USA, TPL Direct Insurance, FUR DIE FREIHEIT, Falcon-i, Premier Oil, Habitt and Dubai Islamic Bank.

Conference starts from 11th August 2015 in Islamabad.


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