Supreme Court Passes Judgement in Favour of Zong’s Petition on Data SIMs

Islamabad – November 05, 2015: While hearing CMPak (Zong) application for the removal of 5 SIMS restrictions per CNIC, the Supreme Court of Pakistan here on Thursday gave verdict in favor of CMPak (Zong) and removed the restriction by allowing maximum of three Data SIMs and five Voice SIMs per CNIC.

After repeated strong demand by the consumers and an end of biometric re-verification process of all mobile phone SIMs, CMPak (Zong) took this initiative in June this year to seek removal of 5 SIMs per CNIC restriction on data SIMs by taking the vital matter to Supreme Court.

CMPak (Zong), in its application submitted before the Supreme Court, had requested the apex court to allow additional Data SIMs of any number, in addition to the cap set on Voice and Data SIMs.In its decision, Supreme Court on Thursday said that one CNIC holder can retain not more than 5 Voice SIMs and 3 data SIMs at one time.

While speaking on this decision Niaz A. Malik, Deputy CEO CMPak (Zong) said, “We are satisfied with the decision given by the honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan. This decision will surely cast a positive impression on businesses of the telecom industry of Pakistan. Being the only 3G and 4G operator, we take pride to lead the industry for its goodness”. “We are taking this decision as an initial success and CMPak (Zong) will continue to reshape the Pakistani markets as a digital leader with its huge investment in 4G. Our cutting edge technology provided our users with unique satisfactory experience compare to other available platforms”, he concluded.






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