Telenor Outsmarts its Competition with its Brilliant Troll Marketing

Telenor billboard ad Sohai Ali Abro When compared to other telecommunication companies, we have to admit that Telenor communicates with their customers creatively and in a very well-planned way. Recently, Telenor proved that agile communication with creative word play can capture the attention of the audience effectively.

On a billboard on the central junction in Rawalpindi, right between two billboards of Jazz and Zong, Telenor placed their billboard saying “Na Daien Na Baien…Seedha Telenor 4G par aain” with Sohai Ali Abro swag posing. The trick worked instantly as it drew a lot of chuckles from the passing-by roadsters as well as gained a lot of attention on the internet.

Perhaps the best thing about the billboard is that Telenor used the language of its target audience to take a dig at their competition, which resulted in high engagement.

We are constantly interacting with out-of-home advertising, and have to admit that Pakistani advertising landscape doesn’t have many out-of-the-box and creative ideas. This makes Telenor’s latest billboard even more delightful to look at. Let’s hope we get to see more of these examples soon.

We have to give credit to Telenor for redefining adverting and showing that it is not necessary to be cut throat all the time, and can be done in an entertaining way. The marketing team at Telenor definitely has an eye for identifying opportunities that would create the most impact on their audience.

Telenor always comes up with very innovative marketing strategies that are well planned, aptly timed and rightly placed; something which is pretty evident from their latest billboard.

Telenor is on a mission to upgrade the digital lifestyle of Pakistanis with uninterrupted high speed 4G internet, thereby disrupting the digital landscape.

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