Telenor Pakistan introduces PIN IT feature in MyTelenor App to enable digital collaboration for everyone’s safety

Telenor Pakistan introduces PIN IT feature in MyTelenor App to enable digital collaboration for everyone’s safety

To ensure the safety of Har Pakistani, Telenor Pakistan has introduced a new feature called “PIN IT” in its flagship digital platform, MyTelenor App. This feature aims to provide users with status of essential retail store/outlets and share the much needed clarity that will ensure everyone’s safety during this challenging time.

With a recent surge in Covid-19 cases, it is more important than ever before to follow the social distancing norms and safety precautions while stepping out of the house. A challenge has been the uncertainty with regards to whether certain outlets are open or not. To combat this and to prevent the people from unnecessarily exposing themselves in search of essentials, Telenor Pakistan has introduced the PIN IT feature in MyTelenor App which allows users to tag the status of outlets including grocery stores, pharmacies, fuel pumps and superstores for everyone to see. Moreover, users can also view the location and status of Telenor & Easypaisa retailers hence bringing the community together to help each other.

“We are proud to bring yet another industry first initiative to ensure the safety of millions across the country through the PIN IT feature in MyTelenor App. At Telenor Pakistan, we have taken the leap to enable users to digitally come together as a community and help each other by sharing information to stay safe.” said Umair Mohsin, Chief Marketing Officer Telenor Pakistan. “MyTelenor App is a dynamic platform that gives its users the complete freedom over their connection from managing their usage, bills and offers to providing free entertainment solutions including movies, games and music. During these pressing times, Telenor Pakistan has lived up to the promise of #TelenorSaathHai by enabling Har Pakistani.”  

To use this feature, update/download My Telenor App, open the app and go to the PIN IT feature, select the location on the map, add the information of the outlets, update the status and create a pin. The feature is not limited to Telenor Pakistan subscribers only; all cellular service subscribers can also benefit from this by viewing the status of retail outlets and stores.

With increased responsibility to spread awareness and share information to tackle the ongoing crisis, Telenor Pakistan has responded in the truest sense by providing innovative solutions throughout this time. The PIN IT feature is a true embodiment of empowerment and collective social action enabled by Telenor Pakistan and by using this feature, users can become a part of the social cause of ensuring each other’s safety.


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