The Borders of Pakistan – Information & Details

Pakistan is situated in the Middle East, and is positioned in both the eastern and northern hemispheres. It shares its borders with the Arabian Sea, Iran, Afghanistan, India and China! Its borders cover a distance of about 6,975 km in length – excluding the coastal areas! They stretch from the south to the mountain ranges in the north, with peaks as high as K2 at 28,251 feet!

The following paragraphs cover a few interesting facts about the neighboring countries and seas of Pakistan!

Pakistan and China

The Karakoram Highway, also known as theEighth Wonder of the World, lies on the border between Pakistan and China. It connects Sinkiang Uighur of China and Gilgit–Baltistan of Pakistan and is one of the highest paved international roads in the world.The border is 523 kilometers long and is situated in the northeast of Pakistan. The famous Sino-Pakistan Agreement made the border between the two countries official, andwas passed in 1963.

Pakistan and India

On August 17, 1947 the 2,912 kilometers long border between Pakistan and India on the west was made official. It was known as The Radcliffe Line named after its founder Sir Cyril Radcliffe.One of the significant places for both countries on the border is Wagah. It is the village from which the Radcliffe line was drawn separating India and Pakistan and is the only road border crossing between them. Every evening ‘the lowering of the flags’ ceremonyis conducted there and people from both the nations bare witness to it.

Pakistan and the Arabian Sea

The coastline of the Arabian Sea which covers 1,046-kilometreslies on the south of Pakistan.The Indus River and its tributaries flow into the Arabian Sea serving as an instrumental route between Pakistan and other countries for conducting trade.

Pakistan and Iran The border between Pakistan and Iran is located on the west side, and is known as the Pakistan-Iran Barrier.It is 909 kilometers long and a 700 km concrete wall that is, three feet wide and 10 feet high has been built to stop the flow of illegal border crossings.

Pakistan and Afghanistan

The border between Pakistan and Afghanistan formally known as the Durand Line is located on the west of Pakistan. The Durand Line is named after Sir Mortimer Durand, who was the foreign secretary of the British India. The border is 2,430 kilometers long, and was established in November 1893 after an agreement between Afghanistan and the British Empire.


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