“The forgotten National Language” session at #SOT will explore the reasons behind poor state of Urdu

Urdu is one of the very rich and poetic languages, it has elements of almost all the languages of this region – Sub continent. However, even then it has never got the status it truly deserves. It has always been a language of common man as previously elite used to speak Persian and after the arrival of British English took over the spot of language of elite.

Even after the independence, and declaration of Urdu as the national language Urdu struggled to achieve the status it should have. Hence, it became a national yet forgotten language. There are many reasons that how Urdu has become a forgotten language? School of Tomorrow 2015 – the International Education and Cultural festival has a whole session on “the forgotten national language”. The panel discussion is moderated by Mr. Qasim Jafri and the panelists include Ms. Tahira Abdullah, Ms. Ruqqaya Farooqi, Mr. Usman Siddique, and Ms. Sheema Kirmani.

The panel will examine the status of Urdu in Pakistan, analyse the role of the government in promoting Urdu at a national level, and Explore steps which can be taken to help the Pakistani nation promote its culture and heritage through its national language.

School of Tomorrow Festival is Pakistan’s first International education and cultural festival that is featuring over 40 sessions by 140+ international and local speakers. The SOT 2015 festival is taking place at Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi on 28th and 29th November. The registration for the fast track access to the sessions has started. To register please follow the link: www.schooloftomorrow.beaconhouse.net/registration/

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